Use high grade fingerprinting supplies

Shopping around for fingerprinting supplies? Whether you’re a forensic scientist who needs to get prints from corpses and criminals,  or working in an attorney’s office and need to get prints for notary public documents, you’ll need quality supplies to get proper prints from your clients. The last thing you want is to smudge fingers into your ink pad repeatedly just to end up with messed up prints. Efficient fingerprinting should only require dabbing the ink and placing the print on paper only once.

Whether your company is a government agency or a privately owned corporation, you’ll need a quality finger print kit to get the prints quickly and accurately. There’s no room for error especially if you’ve got lines of people queuing up outside your office. This goes especially if you’re handling fingerprints to be used as evidence in criminal investigations and in trial courts. Your job as a fingerprinting expert is at stake each time you get prints so make the most out of it with quality fingerprinting equipment.

Law enforcement officers deal with crime on a daily basis. If not for forensic professionals who are experts in their fields, criminal cases would pile up leading to justice being delayed and likewise denied. However, an expert won’t be able to carry out his job without proper evidence collecting supplies such as evidence bags. Whether you need to seal a firearm or bullet cases collected from the scene of the crime, you’ll need bags that are durable enough to contain any and all evidence necessary to put the criminals behind bars.