The True Meaning of “I Do”

These days it seems everywhere you turn there is another bridal show popping up on the TV. Shows like “Bridzilla”, “Say Yes To The Dress” and “Bridalplasty” have all taken over. These shows take on subjects from plastic surgery to fist fights for that perfect wedding dress. They show women at their worst trying to do too much so their special day is perfect.

But what happened to love? In the midst of these fights and embarrassing displays of women acting like spoiled ten year old little girl, the thought of the “I do’s” is the furthest thing from their bewitching mind. Some of the shows will show the husband just sitting quietly in a corner almost hiding from this torrid woman that was once his ideal partner. What happened to those men of yesterday that would stand up and let the woman know she was going a bit insane? Where are her true friends to call her out?

Even in the movie “Muriel’s Wedding” she had her best friend tell her she was insane and not the same wonderful friend she use to be. Muriel had become so set on a perfect wedding that she didn’t care who the man was, as long as there was a man at the end of the aisle who was breathing.

The main point of contention in most of these shows seems to go back to the dress. Yes THE dress! No one seems to be wearing the hand me downs from grandmother to mother to daughter. No one appears to be buying fabric by the yard to save some money for their future children. In fact they could kill two birds with one stone by not only buying fabric by the yard for their wedding dress, but they can get some quilting fabric at the same time to get a comfy blanket for their future baby. Think of all the money everyone would save if they made their own dress and then they would be able to have a small nest egg to begin their new life.

Another huge problem is the ring. Apparently none of these ladies have heard of blood diamonds and are still buying into the myth of an engagement ring in order to impress their friends. What about an amazing unique semi-precious stone that is one of a kind and half the cost of a truly useless shiny rock on your hand that probably cost someone’s life along the way.

Finally there is an unhealthy obsession that Americans have with their appearance. Why would you want to get a breast enhancement or lip injections prior to walking down the aisle? Aren’t you afraid he won’t recognize you? Women forget that the man proposed to them, their hearts, their minds, and yes their bodies. That is who he fell in love with. So don’t change it all before the wedding. He is in love with you. Your flaws are what make you so special.

So go turn off those TV sets and rethink what is important in your life. Is that $5,000 wedding dress worth it when you don’t have money for a new house? Are you okay with wearing a $4,000 ring that has blood on it or would you prefer to start a fund for your future child? Think about your priorities in life and remember that love is what makes your wedding day so special.

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