The Role of an Expert Witness in Construction

When a dispute arises, you need to do everything in your power to prove your side of the story or you face stiff legal penalties. The role of a construction expert witness can shift depending on how the proceedings are going. One part witness, one part mediator, these certified individuals can help expedite claims and put crews back to work in no time.

Claim Preparation

Construction witnesses have a background in construction, usually in working and managing a project. That makes them an excellent source for claim preparation. They know what you need to gather in order to prove your case. The can also assist in record keeping, which will help you later if you need to produce certain documents to clear your name. .


Construction mediation is another important use for expert witnesses, who are often qualified to fill the role of a neutral third party. Mediation relies on neutrality to help arrive at a positive and mutually beneficial conclusion. Mediation is much faster than taking a case to trial, provides a better outcome for all involved and helps to settle disputes at a significantly improved pace.

Expert Testimony

Construction cases involve a lot of jargon the lay person doesn’t understand. If your case does go to trial, an expert witness can help you explain some of the most complicated aspects of the dispute. Expert witnesses can help clarify, from an unbiased perspective, which party did what and how that may have affected the project. The unbiased approach plays well to juries, and provides a boon to legal cases.

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