The Proper Way To Display

I have been a collector for most of my life. Where others see bits of discarded junk and old items, I see treasures. My favorite haunts are dusty and forgotten antique shops with hidden bits of history waiting around every corner. And my house is filled to the ceiling with many of these wonders. Just a few years ago, my home was described as a rats nest. These days, it’s been called a museum. And this is all thanks to a dear friend of mine, who is a collector as well. His interests revolve around sports, of which I had initially very little interest. But in looking at his gathered collection, proudly shown in sports display cases, I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

You see, he understands the worth of good presentation. A dusty trading card sitting on a desk or table resembles a piece of junk, barely worth the cardboard it’s printed on. But put it in a lit and clean display case, it suddenly shows all of its value. And upon viewing his collection, I suddenly realized that my home needed a touch of class and my treasures needed to be respectfully shown rather than piled on dusty shelves. My initial thought was some to gather some cheap cases for just a few bucks. Fortunately, my friend steered me in the direction of solid construction and injection molded plastic parts.

My home has been transformed over the past few years. For awhile, I stopped gathering more pieces and instead focused on the treatment of what I already possessed. Finding and procuring quality cases did set me back a bit. But the end result has been worth it. Where folks used to ignore what rested around my home, they now pause and take in the wonder of what I’ve found. In the past, I use to make excuses for the state of my house. These days, I look forward to visitors with pride.

While it may seem almost shallow to focus more on the presentation than the actual antiques, I cannot deny what a difference it has made to have my pieces in good display cases. Even I must admit that they look more lovely these days than they ever did before. They are now getting the admiration and respect that they deserve. I have started shopping again for my rare finds. And as soon as they are in my possession, there is a spot ready for them. They will be admired throughout the years due to one simple idea, the value of presentation. And I couldn’t be happier.
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