Tell me your problems

What makes your business different from someone else’s?

  1. Are you cheaper?
  2. Do you give good deals, like two for the price of one?
  3. Do you give free gifts?
  4. Etc

If you think that these are things that set your business apart from the others in the same line of business, then you are wrong. If you are doing these things, so are they. What you should be doing is listening to your customers and doing something with their feedback. That will set you apart.

You have to learn to adapt and improve your services or products to what your customers want. This is very important because it increases customer retention and it does your word of mouth promotion a lot of good. An advertisement screaming that you are the best is nothing compared to one person saying to another “these guys are good, you should go to them”. That kind of promotion guarantees you a 90 % sale right there.

Lead by example and tell your staff to be more engaging with the customers. Find out what issues they have with your service or product. If you have taken their advice and changed something, send an email to all of them and let them know. Do a separate set of emails to the ones who suggested the changes you did and let them know that their advice was what prompted the change. This will guarantee you a loyal customer for life and a champion for your business.

Listen to them, that is all you have to do to stand out.