Task, Time, and Performance Management: The Road to Agent Success

Professional salespeople of all types tend to have many pending or status update items to manage. Real estate agents often have dozens of simultaneous buyers and sellers in process. Staying organized is critical to the agent’s ability to perform and grow a book of business.

Task Management

The best organized agents note their additions/updates of MLS, riders, open house plans (or recently completed open houses), and open house sign-ins on any given day. The agent also must remember to prepare property brochures, print postcards of new listings, and place orders for signage. Then, he or she must arrange to place “for sale” or “open house” signs so that potential buyers view their at market properties.

Time Management

Time management is also crucial. The organized agent makes appointments in advance but life can intervene. It’s essential to know what to do when an appointment is late or how to handle delays in meeting with clients and prospects on time. A professional agent always takes responsibility if he or she is late. Contacting the next appointment to make note of the delay is one of the ways to manage expectations.


The most professional agents always have time for appointments with new prospects because they’re customer-focused and relationship-driven. They understand the importance of putting energy and effort towards a new project. Even when a prospect decides against listing his or her home at this time, a new relationship can be meaningful to both parties. Over time, a single prospect can refer multiple clients to the agent, and the agent can provide friendly advice to the prospect about financial products, e.g. home equity loans.


Property sales success requires careful management of multiple factors. A professional agent uses multiple communications skills and abilities to make relationships that build business.


By Kuba Jewgieniew, a former stock broker with experience in data driven sales techniques. He is also the CEO and founder of Realty ONE Group.

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