Socialize with California Lottery Players, like You

When it comes to social networks, you have plenty of options on the web. You can socialize with friends and family on Facebook; you can network with business contacts through LinkedIn; and you can even socialize with other moms at CafeMom. It all depends on who you want to socialize with and how. But what if you want to connect with people who play the lottery? Now there’s a social website for that, too.

Lotto Gopher is primarily known as a website that allows Californians to order lottery tickets online. Simply pick a lottery game, select your lucky numbers, and a Lotto Gopher staff member will pick it up for you. This convenient service is gaining in popularity and has been featured in numerous news stories. But this unique online service offers more than the ability to order tickets online. Consumers can use the website to socialize with other lottery players in California.

Lotto Gopher has two ways that users can connect with other lottery players on the web: the first is by joining a lotto pool. Once you’ve ordered your ticket, you have the option of playing solo or joining a group. You can join an existing group or create your own.

The second, and probably most social aspect of the site, is its member forum. The Lotto Gopher Member Forum allows people who play the lottery to interact in the Lotto Gopher community, a growing group of people on the web. The purpose of joining such a community is to share and discuss everything about the lottery. But it can also be used to share tips, tricks, and strategies. The forum features user-generated content and is available to everyone in the state of California.

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