Simple tips to deal with bad online reviews

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As outspoken consumers are quick to write about their purchasing experiences, reviewing products and services online has become a popular way to assess quality and reliability. Frequently companies with 5-star ratings do receive more sales and as a result more positive review.

Although companies will do their best to offer an excellent service, in some cases they do fall short. This can result in a negative review, that adversely affects a company’s image. The tips below will help with positively handling negative reviews.

1.       Consider it an opportunity – Most business owners will want a negative review removed. However, removing a review can take time as review websites will require the company to meet a list of conditions. In the meantime, offer your reviewer excellent customer service. You could thank them for their feedback and apologize for the inconvenience caused.

2.       Resolve the problem – All correspondence should be polite and professional. Inform the customer that you would like to speak to them directly and offer a contact number to a customer service representative. If you can, inform your customer service team about the incident and let them know that the customer will reach them directly. This can save the customer the hassle of explaining the situation while letting the customer know that their problem is being taken seriously.

3.       Compensation – Compensation in the form of a discount on the customer’s next purchase, a gift, or a refund can go a long way to making the customer happy.

4.       Ask for an update on the review – If your customer seems satisfied with their outcome, you can ask them to amend the review. A happy customer will often amend or even delete their negative review if they have been treated fairly.

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