Modular Stage Systems

Whether you’re planning a small or large-scale performance event, the right staging structure is key to a successful show. Milosgroup offers durable, portable stage platform systems designed specifically for entertainment applications such as concerts, live theatre and other temporary events. Ideal for nearly every environment, these stages can be used for any application, from basic risers to complex trade show truss constructions.

Milosgroup’s stage systems include lightweight decks that have been manufactured using durable frames. These stages are also available with customizable features such as special anti-slip water-resistant surfaces for outdoor use. Stages systems can also be ordered in custom shapes and sizes. All structures are easy to build and take down, making these stages perfect for temporary events, touring shows and traveling exhibits. Along with modular stage systems, the company also offers additional structures to complete the event including portable truss systems, temporary roof systems and cell clamps. Learn more about modular stage systems at