Landscape the Track with a Fairway Mower

Landscapers that maintain large areas such as tracks, football fields and fairways use a fairway mower. This type of mower cuts an extremely large area. It looks more like heavy construction equipment than a mower. There are many different types of mowers both residential and commercial that are specifically designed to mow large areas of lawn.

There are certain types of equipment that are made to maintain lawns. Using a traditional mower is not enough to take care of some lawns. Larger mowers that are used to maintain large lawns require special training in how to operate them.

A top dresser and turf sweeper is used in combination with mowers to groom the lawn and give it a lush appearance. When looking for various types of commercial landscaping equipment consider visiting Global Turf Equipment. They have all types of lawn equipment used by both commercial and residential landscapers. You can find a variety of professional landscaping equipment at most websites that sell professional landscaping equipment. To find a store in your area just Google “landscaping equipment” You can also find landscaping equipment at many home improvement websites. However, for the large commercial type landscaping equipment it’s best to search for commercial landscaping websites. If you have a large home with a few acres of lawn it’s best to let professional landscapers maintain your lawn than trying to do it yourself. It may cost a bit more however professionals have the knowledge, experience and the equipment to keep your lawn looking beautiful all year long.

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