Job Descriptions are Crucial for Landing the Right Candidate

Narrow down your list of candidates by creating a descriptive job description.

If you’re looking to recruit the right talent for your business, it shouldn’t begin when an employee leaves. Rather, you should always be looking for ideal candidates to add to your team.

“Building your bench is a never-ending process that needs to happen every day as a part of your weekly activity.” says Richard Davis, CFO of Rogers & Cowan. “Even if you think you have the perfect staff in place, you never know when that will change.”

Job Description

A detailed job description tells potential employees the exact requirements that they are applying for. It should delineate the primary responsibilities that they are going to tend to as well as the outputs of the position. Be sure to include behavioral characteristics of who you believe should display while on the job.

While it may be taxing to create a detailed job description, it’s important that you tune it exactly to what you’re looking for. You’re also going to want to screen resumes, perform phone screens, and also establish questions that you’re going to ask during the physical interview. By doing this, you’ll have a good idea about the characteristics of the prospect that you want to draw to your company.

Use Your Website

A dryly-written job listing on a job board doesn’t do justice to your company’s visual representation. Instead, utilize your website and take advantage of your page that reaches out to potential candidates looking to work with you. Sell your candidates on your company’s vision, mission, values, and positive culture so they can feel confident when they apply for the position.