Habits to Break for Entrepreneurial Success

Habits are hard to break at times. Often time’s success relies on you to unlearn your habitual

tendencies in order for you to become a stronger leader. Here are some behaviors that you can work on to unlearn to become more effective.

When you hold back from speaking your mind, it doesn’t benefit anyone. It can actually weaken relationships when you don’t speak your side of the issue. This is a habit that takes courage to do but keep in mind that by making this a habit, it will give you the ability to push your business forward.

Achieve your goals by utilizing an optimistic approach. Instead of dwelling on the negative things like hearing no to a business deal, consider how you can move forward by making improvements. Without a proper mindset, you will slowly see more and more negative attributes being placed upon yourself by yourself. Take control and think of your business first.

Plenty of times people will shy away from the fulfillment of their dreams because of their fear to fail. Nobody can tell you whether or not you will fail, it takes effort and willingness to pursue what you’ve always wanted. Keep an open mind, tell yourself that it’s okay to fail, and get right back on track. It’s not going to be easy, but by reminding yourself of your end goal, you’ll see the results.

Bio: As the Director of Global Risk and Compliance for Payza, Ferhan Patel is responsible for the company’s implementation of AML/CTF, compliance, fraud, and risk mitigation policies.