Get to Know Ted Dhanik

President and co-founder of engage: BDR, Ted Dhanik is one of the biggest names in the online marketing industry. His story begins after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from California State University at Hayward. With a bachelor’s under his belt, Dhanik entered the work force, holding a few positions in sales and quickly moved on to business development.

In 1999, Dhanik started working as the director of business development at Xoriant Corporation, a job that led him to At Nextag, he oversaw the launch of the company’s new product and played an integral role in the company’s growth. While still at Nextag, Dhanik’s talents were spotted by another company and quickly gobbled up; Dhanik was recruited by and given the responsibility of creating and launching the firm’s home equity product. He accomplished this goal and went on to revive the firm’s poorest performing product.

After nearly five years at, Dhanik was hired as head of strategic marketing at, where he worked closely with founders Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson. During his tenure, he was responsible for launching the brand into all major markets through the creation of a powerful marketing strategy. In addition, he developed, produced, and acquired content and promotion strategies, and came up with the idea for several MySpace brands, including MySpace Celebrity.

While he considered his time at MySpace a “fun ride,” Dhanik launched his own business in 2007. At engage: BDR, Dhanik oversees several departments, including strategic marketing, sales and business development, client relationship management, and content acquisition. Since its inception, the company has enjoyed several milestones, including the most recent launch of a new product called First Impression. A self-service, real time bidding display platform, First Impression is the first platform to offer customers direct access to publishers’ inventory along with the firm’s exchange traffic. To learn more about engage: BDR, or Ted Dhanik, please read:

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