Employing a virtual receptionist

Contrary to what it sounds like, a virtual receptionist is not a computer generated persona. In fact the term refers to an actual person, but where they are located is what makes them “virtual”.

Having a receptionist answer all calls to your medical establishment 24 hours of the day is something you can do. But doing this involves investing time and money in at least two to three people. Not only do you have to pay several people to do the job, you also have to train and monitor them. You will also have to perform administrative duties in scheduling their rosters, managing their leave and filling the gaps if any of them are sick.

To avoid this hassle, you can opt for a virtual receptionist. This service is available at companies that offer contact center solutions. The benefits these companies offer are many and the cost can be very low and can even be dependent on how much of call traffic you have.So the less calls you have when the service is active (e.g. after working hours) the less you pay for the service. These companies are also very systematic in the way each call is handled, so your patients will never feel as if they have been treated shabbily over the phone.

They also have excellent customer support services, so that any problems you have or any modifications you need made to the service are handled promptly and efficiently. This makes contact center solutions a very attractive option to consider.