Does Paying Yelp for Advertising Help to Remove Negative Reviews?

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Receiving a negative review about your company on Yelp can be devastating to your reputation and your business. This is why so many business owners want to know how to remove negative reviews from Yelp. One of the rumors in the internet marketing industry is that paying Yelp for advertising can actually remove negative reviews. Is this a fact authorized by Yelp or is it just another myth in the world of online reputation management?

The answer to this question is not clear. There is a rumor that Yelp features more negative reviews for businesses that don’t pay to become advertisers on the website. In addition, many business owners claim they have been told by Yelp sales people that unless they advertise with the company, their positive reviews will be deleted. However, these claims have not been validated.

According to Yelp, the company does not favor Yelp advertisers or punish the businesses that don’t advertise with the company. Yelp says that its site features several advertisers with negative reviews as well as many non-advertisers with five-star ratings.

While there is no way of knowing which group is telling the truth on this matter, it’s true that Yelp currently doesn’t have a way for companies to remove negative reviews. This is why it’s so important to create an effective online reputation management campaign, and take advantage of Yelp mediation services whenever possible. The reputation of your business depends on it.

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