Do you really need mylar stencils?

Stencils come in many shapes, sizes and materials. This has everything to do with different requirements and the costs associated with making them. Although mylar stencils are expensive, they are extremely long lasting and can be used over and over again. But, do you really need a mylar stencil for your pupose?

For example, if you are painting the parking lot with a few signs it isn’t likely that you will need to do it again for a long time. In this case, a cheap stencil that will last a few dozen uses will be enough to suit your purposes. However, if you need to brand packing boxes, then you will be looking for a letter and number stencil that will last several thousand uses. In this instance mylar or metal stencils would be the most ideal choice for the job.

The stencil material should also be chosen depending what kind of paint you will be using and the surface that needs painting. Some solvent based paints will corrode certain metals and cause problems for you. If the surface is wavy or curved, a plastic based solution may be the best on for you as it can conform to the shape of the object it is placed on.You should also consider where you will be storing these stencils after they are used. Plastic stencils stored in a warm or hot place will soon deform and become useless to you.Look online for a vendor who will supply custom made stencils for you and you can have any design you want.