Do You Have the Abundance Mindset?

When you first hear the word “abundance,” you may think of money, cars, homes or intrinsic things like good health and love. Abundance means you have more than enough of something. That can even include friends and family. You could apply the concept of abundance to just about any of those aspects of your life.

The essential meaning of abundance signifies an overflow of something. Maybe it’s an overflow of joy because you just got married or had a baby. It could be an overflow of gratefulness because you just got a promotion or new job.

Unlimited joy

Though no one is happy all the time, when you have a mindset of abundance, you experience unlimited possibilities. All humans want to be happy. We crave inner peace, joy, acceptance from others and a life that’s abundantly happy.

Inner peace

Having a lot of money and material possessions is only one facet of abundance. As many philosophers have pointed out, material things decay over time. Gold and silver can be lost or stolen. But inner peace and joy can’t be stolen. When your happiness comes from within, it can’t be taken from you. It’s always there; it’s a state of mind. You can feel at peace with people and life regardless of external circumstances.

This is the best kind of abundance. It won’t fade over time. Instead, it will grow, flourish and enable you to enjoy your life regardless of what’s going on at the moment. Chasing material possessions can be stressful, but seeking after inner peace brings feelings of abundance into your life.Create Abundance 创造丰盛 is a best-selling book written in 2012 by Zhang Xinyue. The book is a collection of information containing her words of wisdom concerning body-mind-spirit cultivation. Create Abundance is written in simple-to-understand language, which interacts with the very soul of the reader. The great spiritualist leader and teacher, Zhang Xinyue, is well-known internationally as a body-mind-spirit tutor, a spiritual therapist, and the founder of Abundance Psychology.