Contextual Advertising: Creating Interest in What They Find Interesting – By Ted Dhanik

A part of any advertising campaign is to create content that is related to what a consumer is seeking. To use an example, a ticketing agency for sports events probably wouldn’t want to advertise on a web page devoted to home macramé and other arts and crafts. It isn’t to say that an individual with a fascination for home crafts wouldn’t be interested in sports. They may very well be a diehard football fan. However, odds are a great deal of these individuals might not be.  And so, according to a logical assumption, the sports ticketing agency would probably have more luck of attracting customers if they were to place banner ads on a website devoted to sports.

This is the very key of contextual advertising: applying web campaigns to sites that would attract the potential customer according to interest. Basically, the contextual system examines websites for key words or phrases. It then embeds or attaches banners or pop_up adds that would coincide with the context of the website. Say a website is devoted to aspects of home improvement. If the system were to examine the website, it might apply a banner ad for a hardware store or construction company. Or say another site is dedicated to strains of roses. A banner ad might appear for a greenhouse or gardeners.

While this a relatively simple idea, by using an agency that uses these systems, a company can be assured that their advertising dollars allow them to reach their target customers. It just makes good sense.

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