Computer Financing Options for Customers with Low Credit

Blog provided by Curacao

Financing a computer in increments with a low credit score can be a challenging task. Many providers require fair to good credit scores before approving customers for their financing options. However, there are still options that make computer financing easy and convenient for customers with bad credit.

While personal loans and most in-store financing options require high credit scores, you can find lenders and retailers who cater their financing options to customers with low credit. Approval for personal loans is done at the discretion of the loan’s lender, and you can find lists of loan providers that are flexible with their credit score requirements.

Furthermore, retailers such as Curacao are willing to approve customers with low credit for their store credit cards. Past customers have even improved their credit score by successfully paying off their store credit cards. Just be aware that not all retailers are as flexible with their credit approvals. Retailers such as Best Buy and Target require a credit score of 620-640 before approving customers for their credit plans.

Rent-to-own centers are another possible option because some centers do not even require a credit check prior to rentals. However, customers should consider the cons before choosing this option, as it tends to be overly expensive in the long run.

If you have a low credit score and are interested in financing computers through Curacao Credit, sign up for a Curacao store card today. It’s quick and convenient to fill out an application, and you can be approved within seconds!