Compliance issues in your data center? A data center might be the answer

There are several certifications and compliance requirements that are part of every business segment. Even sectors like non-profits need to follow and maintain certain compliance requirements to continue raising funds for their projects. The process is time-consuming and takes attention away from the focus of the organization. Whats worse is when you have impending audits and then divert resources to meet compliance objectives. There is, however, a potential solution: migrate all critical IT systems to an LA data center.

Compliance requirements and certification cost money and require staff in place for maintenance. When you move your infrastructure to an LA colocation facility, you transfer the responsibility of that compliance to another party. Third-party data center operators will have certified, trained, and knowledgeable professionals to ensure proper levels of compliance.

A Tier III, SSAE 16 Type compliant data center facility like Rack Alley will have every certification that you need, covering everything from around the clock monitoring to pre-action fire suppression. Also, the data center distributes the cost of the all certifications, compliance efforts, security, and several other significant cost drivers for organizations, across their entire customer base.

The head of IT of the organization should look at the total cost of running a data center in-house, along with the cost of certification, compliance, security, and connectivity and compare with a data center shift. The benefits are greater for organizations that are yet to invest in new industry requirements.