Business Cash Advance 101

Whether you want to launch or expand your business, you will need money to reach your goal. But the current lending climate is still unwelcoming to small businesses. In fact, getting the cash you need to grow or launch a small business is nearly impossible these days. This is why many entrepreneurs turn to alternative ways to get the financing they need for their business, such as a business cash advance.

A business cash advance is an unconventional alternative to a bank loan that helps small business owners receive the financing they need without having to jump over the hurdles required by most banks. While bank loans might offer low interest rates, stringent underwriting guidelines make it difficult for companies to get approved for these loans. Much different than traditional bank loans, a small business cash advance is based on recent business history as well as future credit card sales.

Being rejected for the money you need to expand your business can be heartbreaking. Instead of being discouraged by strict lending guidelines, consider alternative ways to get financing. So who can benefit from this type of capital? A small business owner with bad credit, who needs a flexible repayment option, or money within five days of the request can benefit from a business cash advance.

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