Aviation Tools That Can Help In a Pinch

Summary: Having the right tools can help you get through those critical moments during your flights.

As much as you can prepare for a flight ahead of time, there is always a possibility that there will be unexpected events that can alter your original plans. Experienced pilots will tell you that you should always think ahead and prepare yourself for the unexpected, whether that is unforeseen weather conditions, technical issues, or miscellaneous obstacles.

Portable Engine Starter

If you need to land your aircraft for whichever reason, intended or unintended, you will eventually need the tools to get it ready for the upcoming flight. Devices for turbine starting have only gotten more advanced and sophisticated over the years. Now, there are lithium batteries that are just as powerful as the lead acid equivalent, but these batteries have been designed to last longer and be safer. These tools could be just what you need when you need something portable and reliable, making them essential for any hangar or aircraft you frequently use.

Non-Digital Readers

Technology has improved people’s lives in several ways, making certain processes much faster and easier to execute. The world have aviation has seen its fair share of digital tools that can automate actions or make calculations for you, ultimately making your job as a pilot just a little bit easier. While a power unit from a company like Start Pac will almost always have a place in your list of aviation tools, you need to be careful with the digital readers, especially if you are just starting out. If there is a technical malfunction with a device, you should be prepared to make the necessary measurements on your own.