Air Quality and Safety in the Workplace

Air filtration systems can be found in many environments these days. Take a ride in any automobile and it will be available to you. Same thing with many other modes of transportation, from trains to airplanes. Any home with an air conditioning system will have filtration system. With that being said, an individual’s environment remains their own responsibility. Whether they choose to service their own devices is their choice. Even though it is relatively simple to service a Filtrete filter, there are those that don’t take the time to do it or are completely unaware that these devices need to be serviced on a regular basis. However, as is the case with almost any modern piece of technology, maintenance is required on a fairly regular basis. When dealing with an air filtration system, we don’t just have to be concerned with it breaking down due to misuse. We also must be aware that the negative effects can also include doing harm to your employees.

However, if you own a business as an employer with a workforce, servicing your filtration system isn’t just your responsibility, it is required by law. When employees place their care and well being in an environment you own or are responsible for, their good health must be cause for consideration and at the forefront of one’s mind. By making regular scheduled maintenance to your 3M air filter or other device, you are not only ensuring that your workers will remain in a safe and healthy work environment, you will also be saving yourself from possible fines or financial hardships that could come your way be neglecting to follow a servicing schedule. It isn’t to say that an employer would knowingly neglect the well being of their employees. Like the previously mentioned home owners, it’s just that most don’t consider the maintenance of what could be considered a device that functions automatically. Or in some cases, some aren’t even aware that proper maintenance is necessary.

We suggest creating regularly scheduled checks or servicing. By allowing this to become a part of regular business procedure, you can be assured that the health of your employees will remain intact, as is your responsibility as their employer. There are simple ways of detecting when a filter has reached the end of it’s usefulness and needs replacing. In addition, changing a filter is a fairly easy process. As the employer, you could even say it’s just good business sense to remain aware of this.


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