Actively Engaged Employees

In any company there are three types of employees: the ones who care, the ones who really don’t give a toss and those who are unsatisfied with everything. In business terms these three are known as

1. Actively engaged employees
2. Not engaged employees
3. Actively disengaged employees

As a manager of a company, the first type is what you should strive towards fostering. Actively engaged employees actually care about the company and where it is going. They realize that company growth means better benefits and perks for them. Therefore they work harder and interact better with customers. The overall effect is very positive and very beneficial to the company.

The second type is a group of people who can be converted to the first type, with a little bit of effort. You must focus on this group as there is a very real danger of them sliding into the third group. That group is comprised of the dissenters and the naysayers. You can’t avoid having the third type of group, as they are present in any medium/ big company. The best you can do is ensure that their percentage is very small.

To improve on the first category, build up the morale in your company. Get to know your employees better and build a better workplace for them. Find out their issues and rectify them immediately or explain to them why it can’t be done and when it will be. Having an open relationship will help foster better trust and understanding between you and your employees. Ultimately this will have a beneficial impact on your business.