3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Credit Card Processing Method

If you accept credit cards, you’ll need to pick a processing method. Credit card processing options come in many forms with many different applications. They include credit card imprinting machines, bank processing, credit card terminals, mobile devices, swipe hardware and virtual terminals. What kind of credit card processing will work for you? That question may be answered by asking yourself some of the following questions:

Will you be able to handle the physical credit card? If you are directly handling cardholder plastic, you’ll need a credit card machine or a mobile device with swipe hardware. If you don’t handle physical credit cards, an ecommerce merchant account would be a good choice.

Are you on the move? Credit card terminals require a power source. If you’re on the move, like a door to door salesman you could use imprinting machines, but password-protected mobile devices will probably feel much safer to potential customers

Do your payments need to be logged? Processing donations, membership renewals or any other type of information that needs to be tracked would make great use out of integrated software or a point of sale. High risk credit card processing accounts would find this software useful as well.

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