10 Link Building Tips by Pierre Zarokian

            Article by Pierre Zarokian.

Link building is the practice of building up backlinks to a website in order to expand the presence of the site in search engines. Here are 10 tips for link building:

  1. Ask for backlinks

The first thing you can do if you are new to link building is to ask any connections whether they have blogs or websites of their own for a backlink. But make sure the blog or website is related to your website’s brand, as relevancy of where teh links come from is a factor Google rankings. The more relevant the sites your links come from the better you ranking would be for that particular subject.


Make sure the website in which you’re linking to or linking from is a credible and a website with high popularity. The more popular the sites are that you get a link from the more power they would pass on to your site. Getting a lot of links is good, but not if they come from crappy sites who have no links themselves. One good quality link from a pupular publication such as cnn.com could have more value than 50 links from unknown websites.

3. Be Active on Your Blog

The more content you have the more likley others will ink to your website. Besides, fresh content is a factor in Google rankings. If you do not have a blog, create one and if you have a blog you must post often and post content that is relevant and useful for best backlink results

4. Write a Guest Post

Besides posting blogs on your own blog page, you can also submit articles to other sites that accept guest posts. With these posts you want to make sure that the content is useful for blog readers and not just a post about how great your website is. If people find your blog post helpful, then they may check out your website.

5. Placement of Links

Links in the body or twoards top of teh page are better than links inthe footers. When submitting blog articles to other sites for publication, it is better to place links within the body of the blog rather than in the footer. Also you should avoid getting linksfrom sidebar or footers, because usually ads are placed there and Google usually discounts such links.

6. Stay active on Social Media platforms

Although many social media pages are tagged with “no follow” tags that will not count towards the algorithm for ranking, social media is still a powerful tool to use. By posting content regularly, you can occasionally and subtly promote your site and brand to get more engagement and backlinks

7. Check Competitor’s Backlinks

By looking at where your competitors are getting their backlinks from, it would finding new sources in which you can request a link from. This is especially helpful if your competitors are ranking higher than you because their backlinks are proven to be credible and helpful.

8. Look into EDU/GOV links

These links have a higher value and help more towards your rank within the algorithm. The only issue is that these links are hard to come by, so when looking for sites to submit an article tosee if you can find any EDU sites that would accept articles. Another idea is to run an scholarship and give away a small prize like $750 and then approach schools and universities to link to your scholarship page.

9. Create Link Baiting Content

Link baiting is when you do something unique that is meant to attract backlinks and peopl eposting about you or sharing your content. By doing this, you can obtain a large amount of inbound links to your website. For example, you can run a content or giveaway or you can write real high quality articles or you can create an infographic. 

10. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is when you find a relevant link on a website that does not lead to a website or source and you ask the content writer to link to your website/content instead. This will allow you to have a new link to your website and help with SEO.

Link building is another excellent way to help move your website up the PageRank. If done correctly and with much thought you can gain many engagements to your website. Link building is SEO tactic that many marketers use so be smart, follow these tips, and continue to do research on how to better your brand.

This Article was written by Pierre Zarokian, CEO of Submit Express, an SEO company in Los Angeles. You can reach Pierre Zarokian on his facebook page.