Differences in Industrial Power Units for Planes

Keeping planes in the sky is a task that requires work around the clock. Having good power generators handy enables workers to get planes back into the air with increased efficiency. They can also cost you an arm and a leg if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Using these tips, you’ll be able to locate a generator to suit your needs.

Gas-Powered Generators

A gasoline generator works on some of the same principles as the gas-powered aircraft itself. There is usually a turbine engine, which draws in air through a compressor. The air is pressurized, then fuel is sprayed into the air and burned to create energy. These generators are probably some of the oldest and most reliable to be found on the market.

The only drawback, aside from size and weight after filling, is that these generators are expensive to run. Their power generation might be crippled, especially later in the day, if the tank isn’t topped off regularly. The generator will also have a longer turn over and startup than most other generators with more modern technology.

Ground Power Units

Ground support equipment is usually found on the tarmac of an airport. The term refers to the groups of items used to support a plane before flight, like the ramp that passengers take to get into the plane. These tools can include items for loading cargo, but they also find use as maintenance for the craft as well.

You’ve probably seen ground powerunits at concerts or public venues, usually hooked up to a lighting system of some kind. These units are on wheels and often towed out to aircraft on the tarmac. The unit supplies power to the craft in either direct or alternating current. The current of electricity flows from the generator to the plan through a 3 phase 4-wire insulated cable. The connectors for these power supplies are also standard across all aircraft, so one kind of gpu will handle the charging needs of any craft.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to power generation, technology truly does pay off. New lithium ground power units, for instance, use the latest technology to generate more power at a lower RPM. This also cools the unit and extends its life span. So an investment in good power generation doesn’t just keep airplanes in the sky, it pays for itself over time.
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